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Discount Codes

Occasionally promotional codes for sales, free shipping and other such benefits will be given at the sole discretion of the business owners (F3WERKS). These codes can only be used once in conjunction with a single purchase and only at the full discretion of the owners. 

We (F3WERKS) reserve the right to change, cancel or alter any benefits from discount codes at our discretion with little or no notice.
Discount codes cannot be redeemed for any cash value, they can only be redeemed against one purchase and within the time frames provided at the time of issuing of the code. Codes cannot be stacked and if you enter more than one voucher code, the last one you entered will be used.

Any refund given will be at the promotional price paid, to the original payment method used.

Sale Items, Offers and Giveaways

We (F3WERKS) retain the right to change, cancel, postpone or defer any promotions, giveaways, sales or offers. We retain the right to be our own judges for any competitions and to change or cancel these as we see fit.
The above statement applies to not only this website (F3WERKS.com) but also any and all physical and/or social media presence we maintain or will maintain in the future.


We cannot accept returns on custom or personalised orders, unless the item is faulty. Our return period is 28 days after you have received the goods. Any refund that may be issued outside of this period is entirely at the discretion of F3WERKS.
With standard orders we will only accept refunds if the item is faulty or defective. This is due to hygiene and the intimate nature of our products.

The buyer assumes responsibility for return postage. We recommend a recorded or signed for delivery to ensure it reaches us safely. 
To request a refund, please contact us through the website or at F3WERKS@gmail.com with the subject line 'REFUND REQUEST'. We will then provide a refund address and further details.

As our order payments are processed via paypal, refunds are too. The method of refund is the same as how you originally paid for the order:

For bank account payments, the refund is credited to the sender's bank account.

For PayPal balance payments, the refund is credited to the sender's PayPal balance.

For credit card payments, the refund will be credited to the sender's card (it can take up 30 days depending on the card issuer).

For payments made with both a credit card and another payment method, the amount paid by card will be credited to the card and the rest to the PayPal balance of the sender.

The conversion rate used depends on how long after the original transaction the refund is made.

For credit or debit card transactions, PayPal will send money to you immediately. However, it may take your card card company up to thirty working days to process this transaction. For specific timescales, please check with your card provider.

For payments taken from a bank account or PayPal balance, money will be refunded back into your PayPal balance. Typically, refunds will be completed within three to five days, but may appear instantly as 'Pending' in your PayPal account.

If you used a promotional or discount code, you will be refunded the item price paid after the code was applied. Postage is non-refundable. For example, if you ordered a £50 item with a £5 off code and paid £5 postage, you will be refunded £45.
If you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Age of Consent

By placing an order with F3WERKS here on our store or any other digital or physical venue or event we may be attending, you are confirming that you (the purchaser) are the legal and appropriate age of consent to receive and purchase these goods in the territory in which you reside and that they will be exclusively used by yourself or another individual of appropriate and legal age.

If we are made aware that the person buying is under the age of consent in the UK or another territory we ship to, we  reserve the right to cancel and refund the value paid for the order,  minus a £10 administration fee. The value of the order will be the amount paid after any offers or discounts have been applied.

Contract Formation

All orders placed through this website (F3WERKS.com) are subject to the terms listed below and by placing an order with us (F3WERKS) you are agreeing to abide by these terms for the duration of your purchase with us. This being from the placement to the receiving of the items to yourself the customer.

Pricing at the time of listing is correct and we reserve the right to change or alter the price as we (F3WERKS) see fit.
For clarity of purpose the paragraphs listed on this page are only valid once payment has been made for an order in full and we have sent you a confirmation email confirming the value of your order and a list of items and quantities bought.


If you the purchaser make an order with us F3WERKS the provider and with to cancel said order that is within your rights and can be made before the dispatch of any items that orders have been placed for. 

Once the items of an order have been dispatched by ourselves cancellation is not possible. In this instance, our returns policy will be applied. 

Items of stock that have been ordered as a "custom" variety or specified in any way to an individual or parties cannot be cancelled once the materials have been purchased and cannot be returned unless defective.

F3WERKS retains the right to cancel any order without notice, in this instance, monies paid for the order along with any postage and packaging will be returned within ten working days to the original payment method used. 


All images, videos, written content and intellectual property of F3WERKS.com are property of F3WERKS, these may not be reproduced, altered, copied in any way, posted on social media, downloaded or broadcast without the express written permission of the content owners (F3WERKS) other than for your own (the website user) personal, non-commercial use.

By using this website you (the website user) agree to not alter, publish, broadcast, print or change any aspect of the content of this website for use by yourself (the website user) that would be used or intended for any commercial or financial gain.

Although this website  (F3WERKS.com) lists events, links and references to third parties, we are not responsible for the content and accuracy of any media or images that they produce.

Unforeseen Events

Due to a variety of reason that are outside of our (F3WERKS) control we retain the right to either delay or cancel orders, custom items and events both physical and digital due to unforeseen events and circumstances including but not limited to natural disasters, pandemics, official government restrictions and postal strikes.

If this occurs we (F3WERKS) will endeavour to inform you as the customer of the situation and will work with you the customer to come to an acceptable agreement on the rectification of the situation.


We make all effort to ensure any stock for sale on this website is correctly priced and available at the time of purchase, although errors do and can happen, in this event we (F3WERKS) will notify you (the customer) of any mistake in as quick a time frame as possible.
If this does occur we will give you (the customer placing the order) the option to either correctly make up the difference or receive a refund of any overpayment, or alternatively to cancel the order outright.

Handmade Items and Natural Materials

The majority of the items for sale on F3WERKS.com are are handmade and we will always endeavour to accurately depict (in both image and writing) the particulars of every item we sell. 

In some instances where an item is handmade in batches with the same dimensions, colour schemes and materials there may be slight variations of a minor variety. 

Due to the many variations in calibration and quality of screens across various devices, colours may differ slightly from device to device and from device to the physical item you receive.

Due to the nature of the materials we use such as wood or leather, there may be natural variations between products from the same or different batches, such as natural patterns in the grains. We do our best to achieve uniformity, but no two hides of leather or pieces of wood can be identical due to their unique nature. 

Variations in the exact colour, grain or texture of leather or wood are natural and will not be considered defects. 

Additional Terms

By using this website you (the website user) agree to the terms and conditions listed above in all respects, further more when placing an order with us (F3WERKS) you (the customer) agree to abide by these terms laid out.

You may not defer from the terms and conditions laid out here unless we (F3WERKS) are notified in writing via email or via our contact page and this being done within a timely manner.

These terms exist between us (F3WERKS) and you (the individual placing the order) and may not be enacted upon by a third party.
Each of these paragraphs operates separately, if any of these is found to be unlawful or unfavourable then the remainder of the terms and conditions paragraphs still remain in force.